1 newton meter = 0.1019716 meter kilogram-force 

Newton meter to Meter kilogram-force Conversion

Newton meter to meter kilogram-force conversion allow you make a conversion between newton meter and meter kilogram-force easily. You can find the tool in the following.

Torque Conversion


= 0.10197162
= 101972 × 10-6
= 101972E-6
= 101972e-6
= 0.20394324
= 203943 × 10-6
= 203943E-6
= 203943e-6
= 0.30591486
= 305915 × 10-6
= 305915E-6
= 305915e-6
= 0.40788649
= 407886 × 10-6
= 407886E-6
= 407886e-6
= 0.50985811
= 509858 × 10-6
= 509858E-6
= 509858e-6

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newton meter1 N·m2 N·m3 N·m4 N·m5 N·m6 N·m7 N·m8 N·m9 N·m10 N·m11 N·m12 N·m13 N·m14 N·m15 N·m16 N·m17 N·m18 N·m19 N·m20 N·m21 N·m22 N·m23 N·m24 N·m25 N·m26 N·m27 N·m28 N·m29 N·m30 N·m31 N·m32 N·m33 N·m34 N·m35 N·m36 N·m37 N·m38 N·m39 N·m40 N·m41 N·m42 N·m43 N·m44 N·m45 N·m46 N·m47 N·m48 N·m49 N·m50 N·m51 N·m52 N·m53 N·m54 N·m55 N·m56 N·m57 N·m58 N·m59 N·m60 N·m61 N·m62 N·m63 N·m64 N·m65 N·m66 N·m67 N·m68 N·m69 N·m70 N·m71 N·m72 N·m73 N·m74 N·m75 N·m76 N·m77 N·m78 N·m79 N·m80 N·m81 N·m82 N·m83 N·m84 N·m85 N·m86 N·m87 N·m88 N·m89 N·m90 N·m91 N·m92 N·m93 N·m94 N·m95 N·m96 N·m97 N·m98 N·m99 N·m100 N·m
meter kilogram-force0.1019716 m·kgf0.2039432 m·kgf0.3059149 m·kgf0.4078865 m·kgf0.5098581 m·kgf0.6118297 m·kgf0.7138013 m·kgf0.8157730 m·kgf0.9177446 m·kgf1.0197162 m·kgf1.1216878 m·kgf1.2236595 m·kgf1.3256311 m·kgf1.4276027 m·kgf1.5295743 m·kgf1.6315459 m·kgf1.7335176 m·kgf1.8354892 m·kgf1.9374608 m·kgf2.0394324 m·kgf2.1414040 m·kgf2.2433757 m·kgf2.3453473 m·kgf2.4473189 m·kgf2.5492905 m·kgf2.6512622 m·kgf2.7532338 m·kgf2.8552054 m·kgf2.9571770 m·kgf3.0591486 m·kgf3.1611203 m·kgf3.2630919 m·kgf3.3650635 m·kgf3.4670351 m·kgf3.5690067 m·kgf3.6709784 m·kgf3.7729500 m·kgf3.8749216 m·kgf3.9768932 m·kgf4.0788649 m·kgf4.1808365 m·kgf4.2828081 m·kgf4.3847797 m·kgf4.4867513 m·kgf4.5887230 m·kgf4.6906946 m·kgf4.7926662 m·kgf4.8946378 m·kgf4.9966094 m·kgf5.0985811 m·kgf5.2005527 m·kgf5.3025243 m·kgf5.4044959 m·kgf5.5064676 m·kgf5.6084392 m·kgf5.7104108 m·kgf5.8123824 m·kgf5.9143540 m·kgf6.0163257 m·kgf6.1182973 m·kgf6.2202689 m·kgf6.3222405 m·kgf6.4242121 m·kgf6.5261838 m·kgf6.6281554 m·kgf6.7301270 m·kgf6.8320986 m·kgf6.9340702 m·kgf7.0360419 m·kgf7.1380135 m·kgf7.2399851 m·kgf7.3419567 m·kgf7.4439284 m·kgf7.5459000 m·kgf7.6478716 m·kgf7.7498432 m·kgf7.8518148 m·kgf7.9537865 m·kgf8.0557581 m·kgf8.1577297 m·kgf8.2597013 m·kgf8.3616729 m·kgf8.4636446 m·kgf8.5656162 m·kgf8.6675878 m·kgf8.7695594 m·kgf8.8715311 m·kgf8.9735027 m·kgf9.0754743 m·kgf9.1774459 m·kgf9.2794175 m·kgf9.3813892 m·kgf9.4833608 m·kgf9.5853324 m·kgf9.6873040 m·kgf9.7892756 m·kgf9.8912473 m·kgf9.9932189 m·kgf10.0951905 m·kgf10.1971621 m·kgf

The newton metre (also newton-metre, symbol N m or N·m) is a unit of torque (also called "moment") in the SI system. One newton metre is equal to the torque resulting from a force of one newton applied perpendicularly to the end of a moment arm that is one metre long.

Name of unitSymbolDefinitionRelation to SI unitsUnit System
newton meterN·m

≡ N × m = kg·m2/s2

= 1 N·m

Metric system SI

conversion table

newton metermeter kilogram-forcenewton metermeter kilogram-force
1= 0.101971621297796= 0.61182972778676
2= 0.203943242595597= 0.71380134908455
3= 0.305914863893388= 0.81577297038234
4= 0.407886485191179= 0.91774459168014
5= 0.5098581064889610= 1.0197162129779

The metre kilogram-force is a unit of torque (also called "moment") in the SI system. 

Name of unitSymbolDefinitionRelation to SI unitsUnit System
meter kilogram-forcem·kgf

≡ ɡ0 × N × m

= 9.80665 N·m

Metric system SI

conversion table

meter kilogram-forcenewton metermeter kilogram-forcenewton meter
1= 9.806656= 58.8399
2= 19.61337= 68.64655
3= 29.419958= 78.4532
4= 39.22669= 88.25985
5= 49.0332510= 98.0665

Conversion table

newton metermeter kilogram-force
1= 0.1019716
9.80665= 1

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