1 newton meter = 8.8507458 inch-pound force 

Newton meter to Inch-pound force Conversion

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Torque Conversion


= 8.85074579
= 0.0885075 × 102
= 0.0885075E2
= 0.0885075e2
= 17.70149158
= 0.177015 × 102
= 0.177015E2
= 0.177015e2
= 26.55223737
= 0.265522 × 102
= 0.265522E2
= 0.265522e2
= 35.40298317
= 0.35403 × 102
= 0.35403E2
= 0.35403e2
= 44.25372896
= 0.442537 × 102
= 0.442537E2
= 0.442537e2

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newton meter1 N·m2 N·m3 N·m4 N·m5 N·m6 N·m7 N·m8 N·m9 N·m10 N·m11 N·m12 N·m13 N·m14 N·m15 N·m16 N·m17 N·m18 N·m19 N·m20 N·m21 N·m22 N·m23 N·m24 N·m25 N·m26 N·m27 N·m28 N·m29 N·m30 N·m31 N·m32 N·m33 N·m34 N·m35 N·m36 N·m37 N·m38 N·m39 N·m40 N·m41 N·m42 N·m43 N·m44 N·m45 N·m46 N·m47 N·m48 N·m49 N·m50 N·m51 N·m52 N·m53 N·m54 N·m55 N·m56 N·m57 N·m58 N·m59 N·m60 N·m61 N·m62 N·m63 N·m64 N·m65 N·m66 N·m67 N·m68 N·m69 N·m70 N·m71 N·m72 N·m73 N·m74 N·m75 N·m76 N·m77 N·m78 N·m79 N·m80 N·m81 N·m82 N·m83 N·m84 N·m85 N·m86 N·m87 N·m88 N·m89 N·m90 N·m91 N·m92 N·m93 N·m94 N·m95 N·m96 N·m97 N·m98 N·m99 N·m100 N·m
inch-pound force8.8507458 in·lbf17.7014916 in·lbf26.5522374 in·lbf35.4029832 in·lbf44.2537290 in·lbf53.1044747 in·lbf61.9552205 in·lbf70.8059663 in·lbf79.6567121 in·lbf88.5074579 in·lbf97.3582037 in·lbf106.2089495 in·lbf115.0596953 in·lbf123.9104411 in·lbf132.7611869 in·lbf141.6119327 in·lbf150.4626785 in·lbf159.3134242 in·lbf168.1641700 in·lbf177.0149158 in·lbf185.8656616 in·lbf194.7164074 in·lbf203.5671532 in·lbf212.4178990 in·lbf221.2686448 in·lbf230.1193906 in·lbf238.9701364 in·lbf247.8208822 in·lbf256.6716279 in·lbf265.5223737 in·lbf274.3731195 in·lbf283.2238653 in·lbf292.0746111 in·lbf300.9253569 in·lbf309.7761027 in·lbf318.6268485 in·lbf327.4775943 in·lbf336.3283401 in·lbf345.1790859 in·lbf354.0298317 in·lbf362.8805774 in·lbf371.7313232 in·lbf380.5820690 in·lbf389.4328148 in·lbf398.2835606 in·lbf407.1343064 in·lbf415.9850522 in·lbf424.8357980 in·lbf433.6865438 in·lbf442.5372896 in·lbf451.3880354 in·lbf460.2387811 in·lbf469.0895269 in·lbf477.9402727 in·lbf486.7910185 in·lbf495.6417643 in·lbf504.4925101 in·lbf513.3432559 in·lbf522.1940017 in·lbf531.0447475 in·lbf539.8954933 in·lbf548.7462391 in·lbf557.5969849 in·lbf566.4477306 in·lbf575.2984764 in·lbf584.1492222 in·lbf592.9999680 in·lbf601.8507138 in·lbf610.7014596 in·lbf619.5522054 in·lbf628.4029512 in·lbf637.2536970 in·lbf646.1044428 in·lbf654.9551886 in·lbf663.8059343 in·lbf672.6566801 in·lbf681.5074259 in·lbf690.3581717 in·lbf699.2089175 in·lbf708.0596633 in·lbf716.9104091 in·lbf725.7611549 in·lbf734.6119007 in·lbf743.4626465 in·lbf752.3133923 in·lbf761.1641381 in·lbf770.0148838 in·lbf778.8656296 in·lbf787.7163754 in·lbf796.5671212 in·lbf805.4178670 in·lbf814.2686128 in·lbf823.1193586 in·lbf831.9701044 in·lbf840.8208502 in·lbf849.6715960 in·lbf858.5223418 in·lbf867.3730876 in·lbf876.2238333 in·lbf885.0745791 in·lbf

The newton metre (also newton-metre, symbol N m or N·m) is a unit of torque (also called "moment") in the SI system. One newton metre is equal to the torque resulting from a force of one newton applied perpendicularly to the end of a moment arm that is one metre long.

Name of unitSymbolDefinitionRelation to SI unitsUnit System
newton meterN·m

≡ N × m = kg·m2/s2

= 1 N·m

Metric system SI

conversion table

newton meterinch-pound forcenewton meterinch-pound force
1= 8.85074579132726= 53.104474747963
2= 17.7014915826547= 61.95522053929
3= 26.5522373739828= 70.805966330617
4= 35.4029831653099= 79.656712121945
5= 44.25372895663610= 88.507457913272

The inch-pound force is a unit of torque (also called "moment") in the SI system. 

Name of unitSymbolDefinitionRelation to SI unitsUnit System
inch-pound forcein·lbf

≡ ɡ0 × 1 lb × 1 in

= 0.1129848290276167 N·m


conversion table

inch-pound forcenewton meterinch-pound forcenewton meter
1= 0.112984829027626= 0.6779089741657
2= 0.225969658055237= 0.79089380319332
3= 0.338954487082858= 0.90387863222093
4= 0.451939316110479= 1.0168634612486
5= 0.5649241451380810= 1.1298482902762

Conversion table

newton meterinch-pound force
1= 8.8507458
0.1129848= 1

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